How will health look like 15 years from now?

Health 2030: The Lemanic Center for Personalized and Digital Health

The Health 2030 Initiative

Health 2030 is multicentric and mutidisciplinary initiative that aims at exploring and exploiting the potential of new technologies for the field of health by promoting research, education and services in all relevant sectors. Health 2030 also serves as a cradle for discussions between all academic, clinical, financial, industrial and political partners interested in health.

Founded by 5 top institutions

The Health 2030 Initiative was launched by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), the University of Geneva, the University of Lausanne, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV).

Personalized Medicine and Digital Health

Health 2030 will promote synergistic efforts in areas such as big data, digital epidemiology, genomics, bioinformatics, biobanking, digitalized medical records, e-Health, m-Health, health economics, law and ethics, embracing not only the scientific and technical aspects of these disciplines but also the societal dimension of the opportunities offered by new technologies to ameliorate the well-being of the population.